Singapore Zoo (Non Guided, Free & Easy tour)

Tour Highlights:
  • Unique dining opportunity with animals
  • Themed exhibits
  • Amazing animal presentations

Come explore world's best rainforest zoo, where over 2,800 animals and an exciting ecological adventure awaits you! Stroll through the walk-in exhibits for some incredibly intimate encounters and observe our animals as they frolic amidst lush surroundings that mimic their habitat in the wild!

Elephants of Asia
Lumber over to visit the largest land mammaland be amazed with their display of intelligence and gentleness in the Elephants at Work and Play Show.

Hamadryas Baboons
The Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia - This award winning exhibit features a spectacular troop of over 50 baboons alongside Nubian ibexes, black-backed jackals, rock hyraxes and banded mongooses in a stunning landscape of massive rocks.

Jungle Breakfast (Optional)
Enjoy Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife, a funfilled unique experience where you get up close & personal with our adorable Orang Utans.

Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife (0900 - 1030 Hrs) - S$65.00 per adult & S$42.00 per child.

Pick-up Time
Tour Starts
Price (Adult)
Price (Child)
0800/1345 Hrs
0830/1415 Hrs
3.5 Hrs