Singapore Zoo & Night Safari (Non Guided, Free & Easy tour)

Tour Highlights:
  • Entry to Singapore Zoo & Night Safari
  • Animal Presentations in Singapore Zoo
  • Creatures of lhe Night Show

Singapore Zoo
Get closer to the wild than you've ever imagined with this Ultimate Wildlife Experience! World renowned for its open concept, enjoy unparalleled views of the animals as they roam around their lush habitats. See them walk right up to you behind their enclosures, and be among them when you step into our walk-through exhibits.

Free Ranging Orang Utan Exhibit
Singapore Zoo is the first zoo in the world to feature a free-ranging area for the orang utans, our flagship species. Our orang utan habitat is one of our biggest exhibits and certainly the most unique. Two free-ranging areas, an island and a boardwalk complete with tall trees and thick vegetation, have been created for visitors to view these fascinating creatures. The absence of walls and the inclusion of the raised boardwalk allow guests to have an almost entirely 360 degree view at an elevated angle.

Night Safari
As dusk falls, get ready as over 1,000 animals start their nightly rituals. Come up close to them as they frolic, graze and hunt. With an exciting tram ride that takes you through 7 geographical regions and more, embark on a fascinating journey through the world's very first nocturnal wildlife park.

Creatures Of The Night Show
No visit to Night Safari is complete without taking in our Creatures of the Night Show. This 20-minute animal extravaganza brings together a constellation of our nocturnal superstars who will thrill you with their natural and unique behaviours and skills.


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